SecWiCS Santa!

It’s the Holiday season and WiCS knows it! WiCS had a lovely event, “Secret Santa”, where members of the group gave a present to the person they got.

Baking with Marta

WiCS had a fun evening baking delicious banana bread and apple bread with Marta, a faculty member at King’s Court English College House! It was a perfect activity to bond with WiCS’ members.    

WiCS Paint Night!

WiCS hosted a paint night session with ice cream on a Saturday evening as a study break during a busy midterm season. A great turnout of people who painted lovely images!

Vietnamese Spring Roll Making Event!

WiCS Residential hosted a fun Vietnamese spring roll making session on January 21st, where many members of KCECH got to learn about WiCS while making delicious food. Board members spent the day preparing the ingredients and did a great job hosting the event!    

WiCS Takes Restaurant Week!

Ahi tuna dumplings? Check. Mini duck rolls? Check. And those were just the appetizers. WiCS kicked off the year by eating out at Spice 28 during Restaurant Week. While dining on yummy dishes like dry pot chicken and green tea mochi ice cream, new members and upperclassmen alike got to catch up and get to know…