SecWiCS Santa!

It’s the Holiday season and WiCS knows it! WiCS had a lovely event, “Secret Santa”, where members of the group gave a present to the person they got.

WiCS Crescent Roll Baking Study Break!

Right before Thanksgiving, WiCS hosted a fun crescent roll baking study break. We filled the little rolls with Nutella, chocolate chips and cheese, baked them, and finally ate them. They were absolutely delicious!

Dinner discussion with Dr. Swapneel Sheth

WiCS members and WiCS allies shared a lovely dinner with Dr. Swapneel. We talked about his interesting research and about the courses he currently teaches at Penn.

Baking with Marta

WiCS had a fun evening baking delicious banana bread and apple bread with Marta, a faculty member at King’s Court English College House! It was a perfect activity to bond with WiCS’ members.