WiCS Discussion with Profs. Kafai and Weirich

On Saturday March 17th around lunchtime, students and professors gathered to have a really interesting discussion about all sorts of topics ranging from being a woman in a STEM field to the general stressful environment at Penn, and what we can do about it. This was one of my favorite events–it’s really not every day that you are able to just sit down and have a meaningful conversation like this with such accomplished and busy people! (including the students)

Here is some background info about the professors:

Yasmin B. Kafai, the Lori and Michael Milken President’s Distinguished Professor, is a learning scientist and designer of online tools and communities that promote coding, crafting, and creativity across K-16. Her work empowers students to use computer programming to design games, sew electronic textiles, and grow applications in biology.

Professor Stephanie Weirich is a faculty member of the CIS department. Her research explores the design of statically-typed programming languages, specially in the context of functional programming languages such as Hakell and ML. At Penn, Professor Weirich has taught classes ranging from CIS 120 to advanced programming courses such as CIS 552.

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