Dinner with Professor Rajiv Gandhi

On February 6th, we brought Professor Rajiv Gandhi, who teaches a number of computer science courses here at Penn, back to Kings Court English College House to speak about learning comp sci in the States. The discussion was a chance for students to ask the professor any questions that they had. Professor Gandhi talked about how students who were initially struggling in his classes were eventually able to master the course material by taking advantage of the resources offered at Penn as well as other universities. When asked what he thinks is the most important part of the learning process for students, Professor Gandhi replied that it was allowing mistakes to be made, seeing what caused the mistake, and finally, learning from what you did wrong. Though this did not come as a surprise, we often forget to go back to our mistakes–some of us are even afraid of seeing what we did wrong. Professor Gandhi reminded us that not only is this fear irrational, confronting our errors is an essential part of progress.

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