Winter PennApps 2016

The second Penn-hosted hackathon of the year was almost like a miniature of the first (it’s hard to beat an event held at the Wells Fargo Center, after all). To me, however, it was a much more intimate and rewarding experience.

This time around, I teamed up with Penn seniors Sally Kong, Carter Tilghman, and Vincent Snagg. We made plenty of changes along the way, but ultimately we created DiaBeatIt, an app designed for diabetes patients that tracked blood sugar levels and set goals for the patients. I helped to develop the front end, particularly with Javascript and Charts.js. As per usual with hackathons, there was great food (Federal Donuts and Lil’ Pop Shop, anyone?), awesome swag, and in our case, several games of Bananagrams at the Bloomberg booth.

Although we eventually lost the prize to another team, I wouldn’t have changed anything about that day. Being able to work with the talented and experienced people that I did was an amazing and eye-opening experience. I didn’t think I could learn so much in one day and have fun at the same time. Ultimately, I’d say that our PennApps experience was a success!

La teaaaam

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