Paper Jam

Paper Jam sounds super fun and it is super fun! Like a lot of interesting ideas from WiCS, Paper Jam was brought up at one of my casual conversations with Sally. After winter break, me and Sally went to have brunch on cold January morning. Although the weather could be a little bit “too refreshing”, we had a super great conversation and I remember on our way back, we were talking about our new semester plan and we both mentioned that we want to read some academic papers. Academic papers can be boring, but WiCS is here to make it fun. We came up with the idea that one person in the group would read a paper every week and present their result to the rest of the community. I loved this idea instantaneously and volunteered to present a paper.

Paper Jam happened as part of our March GBM on computer vision and the girls loved it. In order to make the material more interesting and accessible, I pulled out a video about the same concept and when I saw people’s face of sudden realization, I was really happy. It is possible to make academic papers fun and accessible and we all can learn something useful from it from time to time.

This is the same for life, nothing is absolutely boring only if you make it so. Finding motivation to improve and learn has been made so much more fun and enjoyable with WiCS. 😛

WiCS Love

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