NYC Tech Trek

BY Julia Chun

On Thursday, October 8th, WiCS organised a NYC Tech Trek for the WiCS residential program members and other women in CS at Penn. We took a tour around Google, Facebook, and Twitter’s head quarter in New York and got a chance to talk with full time female engineers and recruiters.

Twitter & Vine

IMG_0095  vine


Our first stop in the tour was Twitter & Vine. The engineers shared their stories about how Vine started off,  working as a software engineer with a graduate degree, and gave an overview on the recruiting process. Their offices were incredibly beautiful and well organized!



We stopped by Google afterwards for lunch and a wonderful tour given by Elissa, a Penn alumni! Google had a very atmosphere very different from Twitter; the offices were  much more spread out and unorganized in a creative way, decorated with legos and candy bars 🙂


IMG_0100 Facebook

Our last stop was Facebook! Aside from offering tremendous amount of refreshments, they held an hour long Q&A session with their engineers to tell us about how individual projects within Facebook are operated.

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