FemmeHacks 2016


FemmeHacks is Philadelphia’s collegiate all-female hackathon organized by the University of Pennsylvania’s Women in Computer Science. The hackathon’s aim is to create a welcoming environment for women in tech. Women from local and east coast universities and various company mentors came for this event.

The first day consisted of various workshops ranging from HTML/CSS, Firebase, and a beginner’s guide to GitHub ran from Penn’s students and company mentors.


On the second day, the hacking began! As teams began to code away on their projects, there were LOTS of food, a photo booth, and swag! In addition to hacking, there was a Women in Tech Panel that featured women in various fields in the tech industry moderated by Penn’s Dr. Stephanie Weirich.


And great news! WiCS own Sally Kong and her partner were awarded Honorable Mention for their project Procedural Tones. Also, Ankha Stanley and her group won Best Harassment Hack for their project kitties4u.


Overall, FemmeHacks 2016 is a great hackathon that all women interested in computer science should check out! Whether you’re a beginner or an expert programmer, FemmeHacks has all the resources to enhance your coding experience.

Check out FemmeHack’s website for updates and more: femmehacks.io

Check out FemmeHack’s Devpost for projects: http://femmehacks2016.devpost.com/

Media coverage of FemmeHacks 2016:



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