WiCS Brunch & Brainstorms

About a month ago, us members of the WiCS Residential Program had our first (and hopefully not last!) Brunch && Brainstorm session! At 11 AM on September 26th, we gathered on the Mirage rooftop lounge armed with pancake mix, Nutella, raspberries, scallops, rice…you get the picture. Everyone helped make food, and afterwards we ate, discussed competition ideas, and then ate some more.

This was hands-down one of my favorite WiCS Residential events so far. Since it was early in the year, it was a great chance to just hang out with the other members and get to know them better. As a freshman, it was also really cool to learn about some of the competitions that are out there, such as the Pearson Coding Contest and AppItUp. We made a lot of progress, forming teams for Pearson and brainstorming lots of great ideas. To top it all off, I got to hone my pancake-making skills! (aka figure out the best way to not burn them)

What with classes, clubs, etc., it can be really hard for us all to find time to spend time with each other. That’s why I’m so glad this event happened, and I really hope there will be more like this to come!

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